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Current Pill storage
is a
real pain.

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Poor capacity

They might fit one prescription, but what if you have 2 or more and take vitamins as well...?

Ugly, Cheap & nasty

Do these take pride of place anywhere in your home? are the built to last? do they inspire you to take your meds regularly?

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So bad, they are often ignored

Those 7 day+ containers are so fiddly some people decide against using them entirely and stick with the prescription or vitamin tub.

Tricky to use

So many lids, so many latches.
Try using these if you are tired or got the shakes 



Prescription market

  • Prescriptions in the USD 400 Billion market, 1.4 trillion globally

  • It’s estimated that about 66%  of the U.S. population ( approx 220 million) takes one or more prescription drugs*,

  • The average number of prescriptions taken is 4!

User issues

  • Non-adherence can cause severe health issues, forgetfulness is the number 1 cause.

  • Non-adherence leads to leads to 125,000 preventable deaths each year in the US

  • Costs the US healthcare system between $100-$289 billion 

We decided to do better, 

At Kapshul we believe that the more enjoyable the daily ritual, the more we’ll take what we need, the better we’ll feel.

We are developing a pill storage range that will...

Reduce effort

( Current experience )

We are working on 

  • Reducing steps to fill up and take out pills

  • Reducing the fine motor control, so using the storage is a breeze. Instead of tricky fingertip actions

Help you keep track

Being able to see what you are due to take and what you have taken needs to be 'at a glance' and super easy.

If you reminders could help,  that has to be simple, too.

Value your routine

Made from quality materials, we'll make the vitamin and pill-taking ritual feel more tactile and pleasant.  Storage won't be tucked away or hidden, Making pill-taking more visible and harder to forget. That's a win for your health, regardless of whether you take supplements or rely on prescription medications in your wellness routine.

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