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Dan Moran

Owner Whytwo studio 

Last updated Jan 2024

The Kapshul story is just getting going...

They say the best products and services are born out of a pain or frustration that you are experiencing...

So what happened then?

In my case, after being diagnosed as Diabetic (type 2) in 2019, I realized my life had to change. I'm getting back in shape, eating well and generally trying to stress less, which was a fun challenge when Covid struck. For the first time, I started using long-term medication, a twice-daily dose of Metformin. I also regularly use supplements to improve my sugar levels and boost my concentration.


So, what was the frustration?

There are several: A perfect storm of long-standing burning ambition ( my degree is in product design) and a realization that my old career was not an ideal full-time option. The static desk job locked in Zoom calls doesn't play well with it ), and the main driver is the pill-taking experience. I can't do much about the taste (they are meant to taste like crap, so you don't take too many). But I can do something about pill organizers and storage ...

Fiddly use and fill, and made very, very cheaply. The case continuously served as a reminder to me that I was ill. Zero positive vibes. For something that I handle twice a day, every day, these organizers served only as a reminder of illness, not as something that is improving my health and setting me up to have a better day.

After some market research, Kapshul was born to elevate the pill-taking experience from that dirty secret to something more enjoyable that helps you on your wellness journey.


The pill case you see here was my first pharmacy-bought case.  It didn't fit everything I needed inside, and worst of all, after a few days, the catch on the Saturday section broke ( hence why it opened in this photo)

How did you start?

I started a blank sketchbook a few days after the cheap case failed me, so at some point in 2019...I picked it up every time I had a quiet moment and just exhaled ideas; my repressed creative side was released! It was fun; after a few months, I decided to delve into casual research, google common prescriptions and their frequencies, try to find suitable existing products and understand the marketplace.


When did it get serious?

After being let go of a Part-time product manager role in 2023, I decided to take developing my product seriously. It also coincided with me getting my blood sugars in the normal range due to an extensive diet and exercise, which had a profound impact on my ability to concentrate; the headaches were gone, and I could focus for hours rather than minutes.

I had developed a clear hypothesis, so I proved it. I invested in a 3d printer with a laser cutter and milling machine function to prototype some ideas. I set about learning CAD again after a hiatus of a couple of decades. Started testing out prototypes on myself and anyone willing to try that fit my potential audience. Moving to a maker space to use more industrial spec equipment. To work towards a manufacturable product.

About 100 prototypes later,  as of now (Feb 2024), I'm finetuning the first design for manufacture, ensuring some design protection. 

I am excited to see what people make of the first design, and looking forward to developing an extensive range of products to suit the many needs of people taking vitamins, supplements and prescription medications.

Current Stage

We are currently finalizing the initial product offering.

After many design iterations, we are expecting production-ready samples of the first components by mid-Feb, and check through design registration and patents

Fnetuning of  a second element and some software to go...

Project Time line

Say up-to-date 

We'll send updates as we reach key milestones to launch

Thanks for signing up!

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