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  Elevating your vitamin and pill-taking experience  

The Kapshul mission

We created Kapshul to make taking medication less of a chore and a little more motivating. We believe that if we can help people feel good about taking their pills, they'll do so more often and regularly.

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Our quality stainless steel or brass pill containers will keep a dose on hand, on your keychain or in your bag.

Available in two sizes and a twin pack.

Always with you, daily dose pill containers


Anti bacterial

Available in Brass or Steel. 
Both materials are easy to clean. The brass has anti bacterial qualities.

Water resistant

Each container is o-ring sealed to keep water, dirt and dust out.

They come with a spare o-ring seal.


More resilient than aluminium counterparts on the market, the weight in the hand is satisfying, and the threads are less likely to strip.