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Perfect for those that need to keep a dose to hand while they are on the go this twin pack should have you covered for a day's supply or more. With an O-ring seal, these super-sturdy Brass pill containers should keep a dose of your medication dry, dust free and easy to hand 

Keep them on your keychain, in your purse, backpack pack or in the glove box of your car. Don’t get stuck without the medication or supplements you need.

Also great for storing other small items clean and dry, like earplugs, diabetes lancets, toothpicks or even some salt and pepper for that camping trip


Pill Container (large)

PriceFrom C$14.00
Excluding GST/HST
    • Solid metal capsule design in either Brass on Stainless Steel
    • O-ring seal to keep out dirt and moisture ( comes with a spare)
    • Discrete design fits easily on a keychain 
    • Comes with split ring attached.


Anti bacterial

Available in Brass or Steel. 
Both materials are easy to clean. The brass has anti bacterial qualities.

Water resistant

Each container is o-ring sealed to keep water, dirt and dust out.

They come with a spare o-ring seal.